Dr. Percy Segal
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Dr. Percy Segal

Dr. Percy Segal was born in St. Thomas Ontario . He attended high school at Upper Canada College . In an effort to broaden his experience he decided to attend Ohio State University . Dr. Segal later received both a B.A. and his Doctor Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto .

As a graduate Dr. Segal practiced as a general dentist for five years before commencing his post Doctoral education at Boston University . Once he obtained his Dip. Perio., he returned to Toronto where he established his periodontal practice. Dr. Segal opened his brampton clinic in 1980 and another in Georgetown in 2006.

Although Dr. Segal has established a successful practice his thirst for knowledge and deep respect for education has never diminished. He attends new technology courses and closely monitors new periodontal procedures and treatments.

Most recently, Dr. Segal has been implementing the use of 3D Software to precisely simulate dental implant placements. The use of such a virtual reality environment allows for surgical decisions to be made on the computer resulting in greater precision, safety, and elimination of errors. To patients this all translates to a much less invasive procedure and patients healing and recovery is faster and more complete summing to a more comfortable visit.

Away from the office Dr. Segal enjoys spending time with his family and pursues an active lifestyle. Dr. Segal recognizes the importance of both a healthy mind and body and as such exercises regularly. Seasonally, he enjoys partaking in marathons and triathlons, mountain biking and skiing.